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Beyond business as usual

Corporate Advisory For Financial Services

The period after the Banking Royal Commission is a crucial time in Australian Financial Services.

This is especially true for Wealth Management where valuations of these businesses have plummeted and significant change must occur. Business and operating models which have existed for decades, such as vertical integration with banks, need to evolve rapidly in this new environment. As well as the “disruptive meta” facing the financial services industry there are significant global forces impacting financial services in the medium term:

  • Increasing automation enabled by AI and data
  • Increasing global cross border trading, clearing and settlement in financial markets

We believe that in this time of significant change smart businesses will reassess their

position and renew their business model. This period presents a unique opportunity

to address systemic patterns in operations, business processes and technology, enabling businesses to move to required levels of higher integrity and lower risk as well as open up new growth opportunities. Greater efficiency in processes and technology can significantly offset the cost of this transition. Achieving this is easier said than done and requires expert assistance.

Market and enterprise creation

Our consultants are appointed by ASIC as independent technical financial
markets experts and authors of mandatory independent technical market reviews of equity, options and futures exchange operators, and conducted the reviews of CHI-X, APX and FEX operating models and technology. Our technologists work on the buy/sell decision due diligence and post acquisition strategy team of a leading NY Private Equity Firm and a Fortune 1000 technology Firm.

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