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delta v

ΔV – Change in velocity for Technology and FinTech Firms

what we do

Are you an activist investor, private equity firm or venture capital firm that has a non-performing Technology or Fintech investment?


Can a plan be created or followed that leads to a many fold increase in valuation of that asset?


Is the successful execution of that plan beyond the usual replacement of management?

intervention offering

ΔV is an Intervention offering by a collaboration of leading US agilests and leadership coaches from the Bay Area CA, and Hunts’ Group. We are former colleagues with common bonds built through challenge and accomplishment.

We have an extraordinary team with proven delivery in iconic firms in the US and Australia. Our diversity of expertise enables us to address your entire product lifecycle.

We offer:

Due diligence and growth plan creation

Acceleration of existing growth plans

Turnaround plans with execution that works

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